Race of the weekend #1: It's not about the distance...

How many times have I heard, “I’m just doing a short triathlon- its a sprint, not those crazy hard ones that you do!”

I can tell you that the distance of the race shouldn’t matter on how “hard” it is.  If you’re racing easy.... you’re really “racing” are you?  I know there are a lot of events where the joy is just in finishing, I totally get that (not that I’ll ever be able to race like that lol).  But if you’re going to say a sprint triathlon isn’t “hard”, you’re wrong.

This morning I raced my first of 2 triathlons this weekend. Today, Saturday, I did a sprint triathlon, and tomorrow morning I’ll be doing the Olympic.

This was the first sprint tri I’d done in about 2 years!  I’ve been focusing on so many longer races that I didn’t want to “sacrifice” a training day to do the sprint. I look at that in a new light now, since after today’s race, I won’t lie, I was pretty tired- in a "I really just pushed myself" kind of way.

But the difference is in intensity- you have a lot shorter distance to go meaning you can expend the same amount of energy, just in much shorter amount of time.

I finished todays race 14th overall of 127 racers and finished 3rd in my age group. My time was a 1:07 something but the run was only 2.8 miles... HOWEVER- there was at least a .31 mile run from the water to the transition area, so I actually think my overall time is pretty accurate.


My focus on this race was just to smash the entire time and see what I could do!  My swim was... well, I’m still working on it lol. I average about 22 mph on the bike- the course was pretty flat, a little headwind at some points.  I’ll be doing the same course double tomorrow so I’m glad I know it now.

On the run I averaged about 6:20-6:21 min/mile pace and finished with the 2nd run time overall for the day. I knew the run was shorter and that's why I wanted to go harder on the bike since I knew I had less of a chance to pick people off on the run.

All in all a good day!  Now time to hit the sack and be ready for tomorrow!

1) Don’t sell yourself short- there’s no such thing as an “easy” triathlon, so remove that mindset, cool?