20 things that make life awesome and WIATFMBW

I hope by now you've all had a chance to check me and Lori's recipes and left comments on our posts!  I can't get any pictures, but will have a video up soon.  Can anyone tell me how to post a video I record using iMovie on my mac??
Anyways, this has been a long week of travel but I got to see my family and also go back to Virginia Beach for some job training.  Although, I've had the absolute worst experiences, I'm going to stay positive.
Speaking of positivity, here are 20 little things that occurred to me that make like awesome:
  1. All of you.  Thank you for everyone’s comments on my last post and the support you gave to me.  It’s really helping me get through a little bit of a rough patch right now.
  2. Summer and sunshine—I am loving Florida right now, but didn’t realize how much so until 2 realizations.  First, it’s been rainy and gross the past 2 days and I’ve hated every minute of it.  Second, I realized that when I am doing the Disney Half Marathon in October, it will still be hot!
  3. Sweet potatoes—they’re just so versatile and I can fit them into any meal.  Either with coconut oil, in my almond butter fry recipe, topped with butter, almond butter, or with cheddar cheese (and possibly a little maple syrup to get the maple cheddar flavor).  And always cinnamon
  4. Butternut squash—See “Sweet Potato”
  5. Riding bikes outside—There’s nothing better than hitting the road and riding in the sun after a long day, especially a long ride on the weekend with other people who will push you
  6. The pool at my apartment building—I swear its longer than an Olympic size pool… which either makes me feel like I’m doing more work or that I’m really slow, ha
  7. My little brother—the only person who can relate when I call him at 1 o’clock in the morning to tell him about a story on the news with a headline that read “Library rape benefit”.  No thanks, I’ll take my library membership without the rape, thank you.  What it should have said was “Benefit function held at the library to raise money to fight against rape.”  Syntax people.
  8. Food Network—come on now, it’s only channel you can put on for background noise in the evening and it will always entertain… although does anyone else think “Chopped” is on like all the time now?
  9. People who go out of their way to explore real research behind the science of nutrition and how we should be eating—I’m always doing research, hence why I am trying a paleo diet right now, and become more enlightened everyday from the different viewpoints I read and truths that are exposed.
  10. Trying new recipes that I make up AND being successful at them—enough said
  11. Discovering new awesome blogs—you know when you Google something and actually find a recipe or an idea that sparks you?  Or your find another local triathlete who lives nearby and actually end up training with them?
  12. Racing triathlons—nothing beats it.  Training can suck sometimes, but nothing beats racing
  13. My 4Runner—my bike fits inside it no problem
  14. Twitter, and everyone I’ve met through it—it’s amazing the amount of support I’ve found through Twitter and blogging.  It’s a pretty cool phenomenon
  15. Crunchy almond butter—yeah bro,  Don’t bring the smooth crap up in here
  16. People who have changed my life, yet I have never met—that’s most of you.  Thank you, and I pray that one day I can meet and thank you.
  17. Other who are battling and winning against an eating disorder who are there for me to give advice but also ask for and listen to advice
  18. My eating disorder--not for the disease itself, but for all the strength and learning about myself it has allowed me to see.
  19. The “Favorite” button on Twitter--I read through Twitter all day and every time I see an interesting article or link, I “Favorite” it from my phone, then go back and read them all on my computer as I eat dinner in the evening.
  20. Broccoli--and did I mention Ketchup??  (Need to break that obsession lol)

So what about you?  What are some little things that make your life awesome?

Also, here is my first ever WIATFMBW! That stands for “What I Ate To Fuel My Body (last) Wednesday!”  Wanna get faster, better, and healthier?  You have to got to eat well and enough to fuel your exercise AND fuel your recovery!

Breakfast: 3 scrambled whole eggs with lean chicken sausage and some veggies, plus an apple

Lunch: Grilled chicken breast, sweet potato slices with cinnamon, and an apple

Pre-workout snack (Not pictured): Chocolate banana shake... with some grapes blended in.  Yeahhh.... thats about how it tasted...

Dinner: BBQ wild caught salmon and nut butter sweet potato fries, with broccoli and grapes!

And then of course my usual nighttime shake with protein and milk.  Along with my latest obsession, almond butter mixed with Tropical Traditions coconut cream!

  1. What are some of the little things that make your life awesome?
  2. What was the best think you ate on Wednesday?