3 days!

Ironman Augusta is now only 3 days away!  I'm feeling an absolutely crazy mix healthy anxiety and excitement for this race. I know I'm ready and hella excited to try out the work I've doing with my swim stroke in a real race, but I'm also just nervous due to the fact that this is my first half Ironman since June and 3rd for the year.  It's also going to be a great way to get in some intense training and racing to get me closer to Las Vegas ITU Worlds in November.

Whatever, my head is going nuts right now and had to get something out there!  I'll update you guys after the race!

Good luck to the other members of the Apex Endurance team racing this weekend!

And this is what it looks like when a Paleo triathlete packs for multiple days of travel...

Yikes.  I won't want any sweet potatoes for a few days after this race, I can assure you that!

  1. What's your pre-race dinner?  If you've ever done a race long enough to Carb-load for, how did you do it?
I'll discuss my art of a modified carb-load next week!
Happy weekend!