PowerBar Winners

Congratulation to : Michael McCollum



Send me an email and I'll get the bars out to you!

I'm finally starting to pick up some structured training again.  I'm going to be racing a half marathon in Clermont this weekend, at actually The National Training Center, so that should be a lot of fun!  Goals for this race: I have no idea lol.  Just do it and don't bail.  Also, goals for the week include going to the Lightning hockey game on Thursday as it's the last one I'll be in town for this year.

I'm headed back to DC for Christmas to see my family for Christmas next week.  So if you're in town and want to get together to hang out, or do some training let me know!  Especially anyone who reads but doesn't comment!

I've got a good post in mind for tomorrow of the next day, as well as some good new recipes so stay tuned!

Hope y'alls weeks are off to a great start!

1) What are you doing for Christmas?

2) Are you asking for anything in particular?