Things that drive me crazy at the gym

I spend a lot of time at the gym.  As a personal trainer, I'll spend many hours a day training clients and will then do my own workout before or after. This is a list of the things I witness that make me force myself not to walk up and say something.  Granted, I may be guilty of some of these myself so I'm listing like I am some gym etiquette guru, however, I try to avoid these at all costs. So here we go!

1) Texting!

I get it--you have your phone on you in case of emergencies or to listen to your music. You get a text, something important, and you think "hey, I need to respond to this!" But this should ONLY be acceptable when you're either (1) switching from one exercise to the next or (2) starting a new circuit of exercises.

Here is when it's NOT ok to text:

  • WHILE using a machine! (Really? You need to text while using the adductors and abductors machine?)
  • On the treadmill.  You're going to fall.  I'll laugh,
  • On any other cardio equipment
  • While sitting on a bench--Someone wants to use that to get fit, so please move

2) Eating

You probably don't need that protein bar while you ride the bike after your workout. A shake while you're out in the weight room is permissible, but you don't need to walk around eating your chicken, rice, and salsa out of your Tupperware between exercises (I swear I've seen this multiple times)

3) Bringing your entire tub of protein to the gym.

Just throw a couple scoops into a bottle before you get there and add water. It's simpler than EasyMac.  Need more protein? Bring a second bottle...

4) Holding on to the treadmill with a death grip and walking on an incline.

When was the last time you walked up a really steep hill that had magic handrails that hovered right in front of you? Just walk at an appropriate incline and let go--You'll get more fit.

5) Recumbent bike. Enough said.

6) Not re-racking the weight.

Bro, if you just squatted 450 pounds, please take all the plates off when you're done. And for God sakes, why are the 100 lb. dumbbells stashed in random corners of the gym? If you're strong enough to carry it over there, put it back.

7) Using the assisted dip machine to do a leg press movement.

If you want to work on your glutes, I have hundreds of exercises I could show you, or go to my man Bret Contreras's website and learn the many variations of hip thrusts.


8) Bad form.

I preach over and over "form before function." If you do the movement correctly, you'll get a lot stronger and won't get hurt

9) Chit-chatting.

Don't tell me you spend 2 hours at the gym every day when you really spend 90 minutes talking to everyone you see and 30 minutes lifting weights.

10) Using the machines in ways they're no designed to be used.

11) Performing "reverse lunges on the Bosu ball while balancing on the exercise ball holding uneven kettlebells"

A set of squats or deadlifts will you get you a much better body than any crazy exercise combo you can invent.  And if you can't squat or deadlift a heavy amount of weight than there is no point in working on your "balance" work

12) Laptops on the cardio equipment


13) Curling in the squat rack

Never ever ever ever ever ever if there is someone that is waiting to squat

Squat rack

14) Living at the gym

Not figuratively, literally.

15) Leaving the gym without proper clothes on

I don't care that you just swam, put on a damn shirt if you're going to walk out of the gym!

16) Pick up your stuff

This goes for the gym floor and the locker room--we are kind enough to provide with you free towel service so please be kind enough to put them back in the huge bins we have all over the gym.

Well that's all I have for this volume, but I'm sure I'll think of more!

Disagree with anything I said? Anything you would add?