Throwdown! (Paleo-Blogger style)

well right now I'm up at Lake Conesus in upstate New York with no Internet so I'm posting from my iPhone! However, as the INITIATOR of a Paleo-recipe throwdown challenge, my opponent, Lori from, had to post hers yesterday, I have to make the best of surroundings and post mine. So no pictures, however, they will come along with the VIDEO for my recipe! The challenge was to make a paleo recipe using Ground beef and Coconut cream/milk! Weird I know, right? But I had to make it hard... It's a throwdown!

So what I came up with was coconut meat sauce! Here is the recipe for one person-ish - 1/2 pound grass-fed ground beef - 1/4 cup real coconut milk (in the video I add another 1/4 cup of water, but don't do this) - 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms - 1/4 cup diced onions - garlic and onion powder to taste - touch of chipotle powder

Start by browning the ground beef, the add the onions and mushrooms into the pan with the juices. One the onions are truculent, add the coconut milk and let simmer. Serve this over a delicious baked and shredded spaghetti squash!

Tasted great! Now head over to and check out her Paleo Coconut Cream Olive Meatballs

Now YOU be the judge! Leave a comment on my blog or hers with your vote. HOWEVER, be fair because her blog is prettier than mine and has nicer pictures ; )

But my recipe video will be up soon!

Leave a vote and have a great weekend guys!

Getting to San Luis Obispo! Wildflower!

I was going to call this post “I got a massage from a dude... and I liked it”... but I decided that was’t necessarily what I wanted popping up on Twitter and Facebook.  Right now I am in the airport in Houston (one of my favorite cities) en route to San Luis Obispo for the Wildflower Triathlon.  I’ve been signed up for this race since January and it’s only been in the last couple days that I’ve come to understand what this race entails.  It’s know by multiple connotations: “The toughest long-course triathlon”

“The Woodstock of Triathlons”

“One giant party (except when you have to race)”

The races consists of vicious hills and hard-packed trail for the run.  On the bike there is “Nasty Grade” which, oh, I can’t wait for!  I’m just praying that my baby has gotten out Cali safely and they’ll put it back together in the right dimensions.

I can’t even begin to express how I feel about this race.  There is massive anxiety and nervousness mixed in with how absolutely stoked I am for this event.  Why I am nervous?  I’m pretty sore right now... I shouldn’t be, but I am.  I got a vicious sports massage on Monday night (yes, from a guy) and he crippled me.  I also know my training isn’t where it was leading into Austin 70.3 last year and not sure how it compares to Kinetic Half Ironman, which was my first 70.3 almost exactly one year ago.  However, I’ve been running those half marathons and gotten a couple long ride.  So I’m just going to stay like I told myself I would--positive and confident!  Goal time? ...As fast as possible ha!  I really don’t know based on the hills et al, so we’ll just see.  I’m holding anything back though.

It’s amazing how the support of some people can absolutely amp you and a good friend of mine wished me luck the other night and said I would tear it up and I’m not looking back!  As soon as I get there, as much fun as there will be, all I plan to do, is stretch, eat, and sleep.  Nothing stupid!

Monday night I got a killer sports massage after my workout... it almost killed me and I've been sore since haha.  I'm finally feeling a little better though.

I want to give a special shoutout to one of my sponsors GU who sent me a ton of products to review and use in this race.  I always use GU for my during race nutrition since they taste best and I’ve also had great results using them. Here is what they sent:

Check out some of the new Roctane flavors--these contain extra amino acids which aid in muscle healing and recruitment and also some flavors have caffeine which gives an added boost and can reduce the rate of perceived exertion.  They also sent me some of their new Electrolyte hydration tabs.  These are great to put in my water bottle. They increase hydration abilities of the body by combining them with electrolytes.  Research has also shown that athlete’s can decrease their rate of perceived exertion by simply rinsing their mouth with a sports drink with out drinking a whole bottle.  This can be really helpful when you don’t handle sports drinks well or aren’t working out long enough to need one, but still need to be drinking water to stay hydrated.

Here is what I am planning to use on race day, as well as some course aid like water and a HoneyMilk after!

This week I got another box for my local food delivery company!  Along with fruit and vegetables I got grass-fed ground beef, wild caught Alaskan salmon, chicken drumsticks, and grass-fed buffalo!  I wanted to make sure in the last week pre-race I was getting enough healthy fats, CLA, amino acids, Omega-3s, and antioxidants!

Sunday night I made some burgers and made my cheese spread to put on and stuff in the burger. I started with ground buffalo for the burger mixed with garlic and onions then for the cheese spread I started with 1 laughing cow and mashed it with a 3 cheese blend.

I grilled this inside the burger and then put the rest on top, all served with some sweet potato fries!

Last night I busted out the wild caught salmon.  Bummer is I cooked it on the Foreman grill so it was really pretty dry.  However, I made an awesome avocado sauce from the organic avocado I got in my produce bin and mixed it with salsa and cheese.

Hopefully I’ll get this posted tonight, but it may have to wait till Friday since I don’t think LAX has free internet?  That or I can’t figure it out...

About to catch this next flight to San Luis Obispo and ball out in this triathlon!  I’ll let you know how I do and thanks for all the support!

  1. Ever been to San Luis Obispo?  Or California?
  2. What’s your favorite city and why?  Food? The environment itself?

Thanks yall!