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North Florida Olympic Triathlon

First true Olympic race in a while!  My last was the Nations Tri in DC, but the swim was cancelled, so that race became a Bike, Run—a theme for me and qualifying races, ha.

This past weekend, the XP Multisport Team and I went up to Madison, Florida (basically freaking Georgia) to do this race on Saturday.  It was about 3-4 hour drive, but the venue was nice and the town was countryyy—but those make for the best places to race—no cars!

The race began at 7:30 and the water was wetsuit legal—barely—by .01 degrees.  I opted to wear the wetsuit, and at 7:33, the age group men dove into the water.  This was my first opportunity to try and work on the swim work I’ve been in—anything better than previous races would be an improvement!  The swim was a simple enough “rectangle” and the water was perfect.  I also had a pair of new goggles that were amazing compared to my old ones!  They didn’t fog up at all and remained clear the entire race!  The swim went ok and I exited the water in a little over 32 minutes.  Not good, but improving.  I definitely pushed it more on this swim than I have in the past!

After a quick change it was on to the bike.  I was expecting a flatter course, but it was actually surprisingly hilly with some rollers, but nothing major by any means.  I really focused on pushing hard, knowing it was only a 40k and to work through the burn in my quads.  I realize this wasn’t my full potential though and will push even more next time.  It’s a race damnit!  Thinking back, though, I don’t recall being passed at any point..  Well one chick passed me after I passed her, but then I caught here and she never got close again.

My final time on the bike was a 1:09:00—which is possibly a PR for me, although I want to break 1:08 (and then 1:05, and then 1:00 haha).  That came out to an average of 21.5 miles per hour which I think is fairly solid.

The race director quoted the run, before the race, as being “fast and flat”.  He was a liar.  It was hilly.

I started the run in 11th and knew I had a little work to do as I didn’t catch the fastest riders on the bike, and certainly had ground to gain on the swim.  My coach had me racing this run portion very specifically—“run till it hurts. Then run harder.  And then run even harder.”  I also wasn’t allowed to look at my Garmin to know my pace at all.  I put it on the HR screen, which wasn’t working, and never thought about it again.  And then ran hard.

I caught all the people in front of me that I could see pretty quickly, and moved up to 6th by mile 4.  Unfortunately, the 6 ahead of me had a far enough lead that I couldn’t catch them, but only 2 of them ran faster than I did.  I definitely made this run hurt and finished the 10k in 39:09, resulting in a 6:18 min/mile pace.  I’m happy with this being that it was such a hilly course and I still broke 40 minutes easily.

My final finish time was 2:24:43.5.  6th OA, 1st Male 25-29

After the race we hung out for a while before getting our awards and heading back.  The XP Multisport racers took 2nd overall male, and 3rd overall woman which was awesome!  I was the only Wattie Ink Athlete at this race, as well, and took 6th overall in first in my age group.  Props to all the Watties from north Florida who were in Texas for the Ironman!  DRC Sports put on a fun event and after awards there was a push up contest… which I was obligated to participate in, of course.  I got second here, but my push ups were damnnnnn good, but I can’t say what the winner's looked like.

After the long drive back, it was good to have that feeling of being spent!  I was surprised on Sunday not being more sore in my legs as I was anticipating, however, my arms and back were feeling that swim!  I think that says good things about my form!  I’ve also been using Xteme Endurance supplements and have noticed a reduction in soreness from that.  I think using a drink during the bike that had protein and carbs, made by UR, prevented some of that muscle breakdown as well.

Overall I’m proud of the effort I gave in this race and can’t wait to go again!  Next Saturday I am doing a sprint, another race put on by DRC, called Crystal River and am stoked to absolutely obliterate the pain haha!  Then the week after that is Duathlon Nationals in Maryland!  Then another big training block will commence!

Rock the W and have an awesome week.

  1. Any races coming up?
  2. What’s your favorite type of course? Urban, trails, hilly, flat, beach?

Podcast interview with Pro Triathlete James Cotter

Welcome back to Episode 3 of Fearless Nutrition Radio!  This week, Max and I answer questions about diet and recovery after big races before moving into an awesome interview with Pro Triathlete James Cotter.  Here is the link the show: Fearless Nutrition Episode 3: Interview with pro Triathlete James Cotter:

Remember, if you have any training or nutrition questions you'd like us to address on the show, or guests you would like to see, let us know in the comments or by email at!

Let's rock it!

2012 is off to a fast start and it's not messing around!  My life has been plenty busy, and while fun, I'm still trying to keep my head above water... and keep my head held high at the same time.  Tampa is good, although it actually got a bit cold here for past couple days, I mean, the high was only in like the 60s!  I don't know how you guys survive up north! Before I talk about anything else, I some cool news and a big announcement.

After a pretty successful 2011 triathlon racing season, I applied and have been offered a spot the Elite Triathlon Team of Wattie Ink and will be Rockin' The W in 2012! I am really stoked for this, as the team only accepted 50 athletes from across the country and I feel really honored to be able to race as a member of this team.  This means I'll be racing in the K-Swiss Wattie Ink uniform (check them out on the site) as well as be able to work with a bunch of great sponsors!

My second piece of triathlon news is that I will be coached by Felipe Bastos this year, a triathlon world champion, many times over, from Brazil.  Not only does Felipe know triathlon more than I can ever imagine, he won't take any my crap excuses and is going to push me this year. Already I'm beginning to focus on going to bed earlier!  This year is going to be focused on my training and building a strong base.  As Felipe has outlined, I will still have a very successful 2012, but this year is really meant to set me up for 2013 and later years. Triathlon is based on a multi-year planning and putting in the work early to be successful later.  Make sure to check out my race schedule for 2012 here.

So I'm stoked for 2012!

In other news, since my family decided to put off a vacation to somewhere fun until March, when the waters get warm enough to swim in, they decided to come here instead which was pretty cool. They flew into Orlando and spent 2 days there before coming over to Tampa and seeing me.  I joined them on their first day and we went to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, which included going to Harry Potter World!  Haha, it was a lot of fun. Having grown up reading the books, it was cool to see.

I also grabbed a picture with Rogue from the X-Men... ; )

Then they went to Universal Studios the next day...

...While I had to work...

On Thursday, we all went to see the Bolts play the Hurricanes! The Lightning lost, surprise, but it was a lot of fun

That's all I got! I'll be back again soon- remember to follow me on Twitter @Chuckfeerick and let me know if you have any fitness, nutrition, or triathlon questions that I can answer.  In future posts I am going to be talking about the importance of sleep and about why I eat paleo.

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Mile 6.5 got really dark...

The Disney World Wine and Dine Half Marathon was last week... on Saturday NIGHT, starting at 10:00PM.  It was cool, but makes for a really hard day to plan for? My parents were in Orlando visiting--my aunt got some rooms so they came down to stay.  Kind of cool that the race fell on the same weekend!

I did a short run and dip in the pool in the morning then ate and headed to Disney... what a magical place

I made the expo cut off by about 10 minutes since it somehow ended at 4 and I guess I didn’t even think about that.  I then checked into the hotel and saw my parents before taking a HARD nap lol.

The busses took a while to load, but I got the start line eventually no problem.  The gun went of and we were serenading with music, fireworks, and Mickey and Minnie.

I started strong, running at about the pace I wanted to. The course was “flat” but a lot of it was on the roads that connect all the Disney Parks so we had a lot of On and Off ramps on the highways to climb as well as bridges.  Honestly, my favorite part was running through different parks and actually sped up. Everything was going great till I got to about mile 6.5...

Something hit me... not a bonk but just that odd feelings of “this is kind of hard... am I enjoying this? Do I have to run 18 miles in the hills of Las Vegas next month? Am I ready? What am I doing with my life?”

Like, for a while I just felt ...unhappy? May that’s not the word I’m looking for but I can’t put my finger on it.  I continued to push through the race and my overall pace was not where I wanted, but I ran hard.  I ended up doing like 1:29:21 for 13.3 miles which came out to a 1:28:00 even for 13.1.

Nowhere near a Personal Best but it was ok, especially running at night.  I finished 32 of 8300+ and won my age group. But I didn’t feel right.  I felt bloated and fat, which I know I looked, but had no idea why.

I drove back to Tampa that night with the plan of a good dinner (since I wasn’t going to eat a true dinner before the race) and getting a long ride in the morning.

I ended up going to bed too late and knew I couldn’t ride far on that little sleep.  I slept in a little and did a medium length ride with a solid brick run!  I then headed back to Disney and spent an awesome day in Epcot with my family!  I stayed the night and we went to Animal Kingdom in the morning.  That’s kind of where the trouble started for me.

I just didn’t feel good.  All I could think about was that I was tired, hadn’t worked out, and didn’t know when I would be able to.  At about noon, I decided I was going to go home so I could eat food that didn’t make me anxious, get a nap and get a workout.

I got home and ate, but then couldn’t drag myself up to get a good workout.  I barely did a bike workout and realized how freaking upset and mad I was at myself- I had a horrible training day and basically bailed on my family who I had no idea when I would see again.  Things sucked.

The following day, I smashed a workout which was good, but I still felt bad about leaving my family.  When you have problems like that- suck that shit up and find your priorities.  I decided to clear my schedule and take one more day off from work Wednesday.  I had a great workout in the morning then headed back (AGAIN) to Disney to spend one more full day me family.  Just me, my mom, my dad, all day in the Magic Kingdom.  It was seriously one of the best days I’ve had in so so long and it was so amazing to see them again.

This brought me out of that dark place I went into on Saturday night.  I know this sounds like it was just me feeling sorry for myself, but it's not.  Take every moment you get to do some magical and savor it.  Tell your family you love them, prioritize your life, avoid things that aren’t moving you in a positive direction.  I am so glad I made that decision to go back and spend the day with them- the weather was gorgeous and I basically got to re-live some childhood memories on Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain.

I’m in a much better place now, but there were parts of that week that were still tough.  Suck it up, learn from it, move forward, live life, enjoy life!

Make sure you know where your priorities are and tell those who you love just how much you love them.  Tell your friends how much you appreciate them.  A lot of you guys I have never met, but the impact you play in my life is without match.  Thank you all.

Right now I am in Chicago and in the morning will be running the Urbanathlon!  I’ll be sure to post on this next week so stay tuned. Thank you all

  1. How do you overcome a tough struggle?
  2. Are you excited for fall?? (Ever made fries from pumpkin?)

Running Naked: Race of weekend #2

"Low Battery" What?  I rip off my yellow swim cap and fumble with my GPS watch again: "Low Battery"

After the quarter mile run on rocks and mud following the 1500m swim, I wasn't really thinking about anything except "sock, shoes, watch helmet, socks, shoes, watch helmet."  Somehow, my Garmin was telling me the battery was low.  Whatever, I thought, it'll last.  It didn't.  It died after about 26 seconds.

This meant I was biking blind and would be running naked.  Sundays race was an olympic triathlon meaning it was exactly double of the sprint I raced on Saturday.  The benefit thus, was that I knew the course- it was 2 laps of the swim, 2 laps of the bike, and 2 laps of the run.

The conditions were nearly exactly the same as well, only a little cooler but more humid.  Once again I nearly didn't get there in time, but I was at the beach ready when the horn sounded.

The swim went as my swims go- not awful but sooo much room for improvement.  No problems during this, only that I felt  little bit hungry during it.  I tried to find some toes to draft on, but it was hard being a 2 lap course.

After I exited the water, my first transition was smooth enough and I was off on the bike but without any kind of data such as time or speed.  I also got a flat with about a quarter mile left on the bike during Saturdays race, so I was hoping everything was going to hold up alright there.

This was one of the first times I'd ever raced without knowing my speed or distance and it made the race interesting.  Pretty much I had one plan: smash the whole time because every time I thought I might be slowing down, I would tell myself that I needed to speed up.  I again average about 22 mph and literally just rode double my Saturday split.

The run was the same, except I was faster!  I fixed my shoes the previous night and was able to save some time in Transition 2.  I knew from the bike that there were a lot of people I needed to catch on the run so that is what I sent out to do- but running naked with no sense of time or pace.  I guess this wasn't a bad thing because I finished with a pace of 6:17 min/mile which I am very pleased with.

My mom still refuses to buy any pictures because she wants to smile as I cross a finish line... sorry mom, never going to happen.

My overall time was 2:10:42, which was better than double Saturdays race which I did in 1:07:24.

This was good enough to earn me 18th overall and 1st in my age group!  One of my goals beginning this year was to win a race... but I want it to be a bigger race!  Maybe next weekend at the Olympic I am doing

I owe a ton of my ability to race hard on Sunday to my recover on Saturday.  I did a good cool down and stretched pretty soon after the race.  I also had some good food and then just didn't really do anything the rest of the day.  In the evening I went on a very short bike ride to loosen my legs a little and make sure the flat was fixed and then flopped in the pool.

I also wore these all day:

These are the brand new Zensah compression recovery tights.  I already use Zensah compression socks, but these are a whole different level.  They fit really snugly and are gradiated where your muscles need it most to increase the blood circulation in that area so you can recover faster and be ready to race again the next day.

When I got back Sunday afternoon, I took a nap and then did another 5 mile run.  My goal was just to add some volume and while it felt fine then, Monday I was pretty pooped.  I think I would have been better if I had eaten better after the second race AND after the second run.  I didn't bring enough HoneyMilk with me- I only brought 2 on the trip: 1 as part of my pre-race breakfast each day.  Lesson learned.

Well thanks for reading guys- coming up later this week I have a bunch of recipes to share, not to mention the first Feerless Food recipe video!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

  1. Do you run with a GPS, just a watch, or nothing?
  2. What's the best swag you've ever gotten at a race?